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Free Your Child to Thrive

If your child is born with a lip or tongue tie, their mouth movements are restricted. One simple treatment can improve your child’s feeding, help them swallow, and enhance their speech development.

Full Belly

Fill Their Tummy

When your child is unable to latch properly for breast or bottle feeding, it is awful for them and terrible for you. Feel the relief of finally giving them a full, frustration-free feeding.


Enrich Relationships

Living with a hungry baby can wear out the whole family. Relax into closer relationships as your child is finally free to eat better, sleep better, and feel better.

Freedom of speech

Freedom of Speech

When they can’t move their mouths freely, it’s hard for kids to learn to talk. Unlock their voice and let their confidence and social skills bloom with lip and tongue tie treatment.


Amazing office! I come from a dental family background and we recently moved from out of state. Couldn’t be happier with everything from the staff, Dentist, and overall experience. My kids can’t wait to come back!

Elyse Hyatt

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Tongue and Lip Tie Treatment Procedure

Everyone has a small strand of tissue, called the frenum, which connects the tongue to the floor of the mouth, and the lips to the gums. A small percentage of children are born with a frenum that is too tight or thick for the lips or tongue to function properly.

The pediatric dentists at Greeley Kids can perform a frenectomy to cut or modify your child’s frenum and allow them to move their mouth freely. In this brief procedure, the dentist uses a laser to release the tongue or lip tie.
Fast acting topical numbing cream makes this procedure painless for babies and toddlers. Our office can provide information on aftercare stretches and practices to ensure that the procedure is a complete success.

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Wonderful Doctor and staff! Explained stuff in child terms to make my kiddo comfortable and made sure all our questions were answered!

Ashley Hillman

Unleash Your Child’s Potential

Give your child the gift of improved feeding and speech development through tongue and lip tie treatment at Greeley Kids Dental & Orthodontics

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