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Preventative Pediatric Dental Care in Greeley, CO

Helping your kids build a foundation of health.

Prevent bigger issues, foster healthy habits, and keep your child's smile happy and healthy with our pediatric dental care.

What is Preventative Dentistry?

There’s more to dental care than finding cavities and filling them. In fact, we want to help your kids avoid getting cavities altogether! That’s why we practice preventative dentistry--teaching your kids about oral health, and helping them establish habits now that lead to a lifetime of health and activity.

Our visits together are all about maintaining your kid’s healthy smiles, taking action before problems get worse, and educating you and your kids about how to take care of their teeth at home.

Working Together to Keep Your Kiddos Healthy

Preventative Check-Ups

Bring your kids into our Greeley, CO office twice a year so we can keep close tabs on their oral health. By finding and treating issues early, we can avoid lengthy, difficult treatments and show kids that coming to the dentist is a fun thing to do!

Avoid “Watch and Wait”

We are committed to being proactive about your child’s health, not reactive. Our goal is to keep their mouths healthy and not wait for problems to get worse.

Listen and Teach

We want to hear how things are going for your family at home so we can support you with education for your littles (and bigs!) so they can participate in your efforts and build healthy habits that they can do independently.


“They were great with my daughter and they were great at explaining things to me. I learned so much about my daughter's teeth. It was very helpful. The dentist was great at adding my daughter into and making sure it all sounded good to her, too.”


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Let’s Keep Greeley Healthy Together!

Did you know cavities are the most common preventable disease?

Here’s how preventative check-ups can help:

The bacteria that lives inside of plaque (sticky stuff made from saliva and bits of food) eat away at your kids’ teeth, eventually causing cavities. When we clean all the plaque off their teeth, the tooth-eating bacteria goes bye-bye

The bacteria in plaque doesn’t just attack teeth--it can also target gums, causing them to swell, bleed, and even recede. After a certain point, gum disease is incurable, so we work hard to prevent and quickly treat early signs of gum disease.

Harmful oral bacteria can travel through the body, increasing your child’s risk for systemic disease when they’re adults. Dental cleanings and good brushing and flossing habits now can help prevent heart disease, diabetes, certain cancers and more.

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“This place is great! They're quick, efficient, and friendly. My kids actually enjoy going to the dentist! I couldn't say that as a child, and I hope that it sets them up for a lifetime of good dental experiences.”


Our Services in Greeley, CO

Preventative Care

Regular checkups and cleanings to keep their smiles healthy and bright.

Restorative Treatments

Treating decay with fillings, crowns, extractions, and more.

Emergency Care

Care for sudden, unexpected issues like broken teeth/fillings or other injuries.

Lip and Tongue Tie

Simple, in-office procedure to help babies eat better and big kids speak better.

Sedation Dentistry

Safely helping your kids sleep through their procedure.

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