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Pediatric Pulpotomy Care for Greeley, CO

Put a happy smile back on your child’s face.

  • Get your child out of pain
  • Protect baby teeth
  • Keep the way clear for adult teeth

Smiling at the Dentist

Stop Sneaky Bacteria

Pulp infections (pulpitis) happen when bacteria sneaks through cavities or cracks in your child’s baby teeth and infect the innermost tissue of the tooth. This leads to extreme sensitivity and even pain in your child’s mouth, and can further result in swelling and fevers.

Here at Greeley Kids Dental, we use a treatment called pulpotomy to remove the infected pulp and get your child out of pain. And when it’s caught early, we can save the roots of the tooth, ensuring your child’s baby teeth can grow normally and not prevent healthy adult teeth from coming in later down the road.

Let’s Keep That Toothy Smile!

At Greeley Kids Dental, we work hard to keep your child’s tooth where it belongs: in the mouth! Pediatric pulpotomies help avoid tooth loss so your child’s smile stays happy.

Eliminate Pain

We know how extremely painful tooth infections are for your kids—and for you to watch helplessly! A pulpotomy will help relieve their pain (and yours!) quickly.

Get Seen Today

We intentionally leave our schedule open to offer same-day appointments whenever possible and ensure your child gets the care they need when they need it.

Preserve Their Teeth

Pulpotomies don’t just protect your child’s baby teeth but their adult teeth, too, by allowing the adult tooth time to develop so they’re healthy now and in the future.

“Best pediatric dental group ever! They are always so accommodating to meet each child’s need. We’ve had a couple emergent appointments for my oldest kiddo and they have happily squeezed us in. We’ve seen all three docs and each of them has been amazing. During cleanings, if they find any teeth that need work they complete that the same day so you don’t have to worry your kiddo with a subsequent appointment.”

-Kelli Pleasant

A Pulp-a-what?!

The goal of a pulpotomy is to clean out the infected inner tissue (or “pulp”) of a baby tooth. This allows the tooth’s roots to remain healthy and intact. Although extractions may seem simpler, pulpotomies are better at ensuring your child’s mouth and adult teeth develop correctly.

When should I consider a pulpotomy?

You should immediately bring your child in to be seen if they experience any of the following:

  • Sudden, intense pain
  • Extreme sensitivity to hot or cold
  • Intense pain when the tooth is touched
  • Swollen gums around the tooth
  • Fever
  • Bad breath despite brushing
  • New sensitivity to sweet food or drink

The sooner an infection is caught, the easier it is to clean.

What happens during a pulpotomy?

  1. Diagnosis
    First we’ll examine your child’s teeth to determine if a pulpotomy is needed.
  2. Numbing
    If your child has an infected tooth, we’ll numb the affected area with a topical anesthetic. Typically further sedation is not needed, but we’ll discuss options with you and make a plan together to ensure your child is safe and comfortable.
  3. Cleaning
    One of our expert Greeley Kids dentists will remove any decay from the surface of the tooth, then will open up the pulp chamber by drilling through the top of the tooth. Once inside the chamber, the dentist will clean out all of the infected tissue. They will not remove the pulp in the tooth’s roots.
  4. Medication
    Next, your child’s dentist will place special medication inside the tooth to stop the spread of the infection and then seal the tooth back up, usually covering it with a crown.

What do I do for my child after a pulpotomy?

Our expert team will give you clear instructions about how to take care of the tooth, including guidelines about eating, medicating, activity, brushing, and more. The tooth may be slightly sore for a few days, but will soon feel back to normal!


“Today was our first visit at Greeley Kids Dental and I am thoroughly impressed with the kindness of the staff. My 3 year old was a little apprehensive and shy but the dental assistants took their time and showed him on a stuffed animal what they were going to be doing. He opened right up and allowed them to do the cleaning. The dentist was personable, knowledgeable, and kind. I highly recommend!”

-Sabrina Villarreal

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