Stress-Free Sedation

The care your kids need without the worry.

✔ Avoid anxiety
✔ Fast and simple treatment
✔ Gentle, compassionate care

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The Easy Solution to Complex Problems

If your child needs a complex procedure, is fearful, or has special needs, our sedation services can simplify your child’s experience. Our expert pediatric team and nurse anesthetist will help your child safe and comfortable so they can get the treatment they need.

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Assuage Your Worries

It’s okay for you or your child to feel nervous! We’re here to help you both understand what is happening so everyone can feel comfortable and safe.

Take a Nap

Avoid unnecessary worry or trauma. With sedation, your child can fall asleep peacefully and not have to worry about pain or what is happening around them.

Better Than Ever

With the procedure complete, your child can enjoy life free from pain. And you’ll both feel better knowing that they got the care they needed.


“My son and I had a wonderful experience here. He is scared of the dentist, and has a hard time following directions, but they were patient and kind with him. They made him feel comfortable and he left with a smile. We will definitely be back!”

Wendy Garza

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Does my child need sedation dentistry?

Sedation can be useful in a number of situations.

  • Your child needs multiple areas in their mouth numbed or a more complex procedure like a root canal or crown.
  • Your child has dental anxiety or has trouble holding still for longer periods of time
  • Your child has special needs or sensory issues
  • Your primary care dentist or pediatrician referred you to us

In any of these situations (or others!) sedation can help your child have a positive experience. They’ll comfortably and safely sleep through the procedure, making the entire experience easy and trauma-free.

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“My 6 year old had to have an extraction today and EVERYONE was just beyond amazing with her and they made sure she was reassured and they were so sweet to her. They also made sure I was comfortable with every step before they did anything. I'm glad I chose this practice.”

Kat L

How it Works

We work hard to help you and your child feel comfortable and safe.

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The Day Before Your Procedure

Before your child’s sedation appointment, we’ll let you know if they need to stop eating or drinking at a certain time. Generally, we like for kids to arrive with an empty stomach, and to only have clear liquids up to 2 hours before their procedure.

When You Check In

When you arrive at our office, we’ll take you to our special sedation opertory. Our nurse anesthetist will do a quick medical history with you, talk you through the procedure, and answer any questions you might have.

During the Procedure

Our nurse anesthetist will stay with your child, constantly monitoring their sedation and vitals while our team of providers complete the necessary treatments.

After the Procedure

We’ll make sure your child wakes up comfortably and has their pain under control before we release them. We’ll give you clear instructions for their care for the rest of the day, schedule any necessary follow-up visits, and answer all of your questions.

The Day After the Procedure

We’ll check in with you to see how your child is doing and offer any necessary assistance.


“Got in on short notice due to my daughter who is six having molar pain. Turns out she needed a baby root canal. The staff and doc did a wonderful job of helping my daughter through the process. And they were very helpful when I called back later to ask questions about expectations after the procedure.”

James Hunter

Better Than Ever

Our pediatric sedation dentistry will help your kids get the care they need without the stress.

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